Lime handling and Lime Slaking (Slurry Preparation)Plant

P.P. Associates provide complete design and Engineering Services for Lime Handling and Lime Slaking (slurry preparation)Plant . Lime which is used in ETP plants needs to be slaked to dissolve fully into solution. Lime containing 55% Cao is first unloaded into hopper , crushed in hammer crusher and then conveyed to storage silos. Day Storage Silos having capacity 400T may be constructed in civil or Structural with Polymer Liners inside. From silo a required quantity is discharged by Vibrating Feeder and fed to Slaker (Drum type) and rake Classifier. Slurry thus produced is stored into storage tanks and pumped to ETP plants.

P.P.Associates have provided Design ,Engineering Services for following Lime Handling & Lime Slaking plants.

1. M/s Aireff Detox Incineration Ltd .